League Of Arab States

Overall Aim and Objectives

Engage Arab and European youth leaders and representatives in a constructive dialogue about a Human Development and Human Rights-based approach on migration and its consequences on young people in the Arab and European countries and the role of young people and youth organisations in dealing with its consequences

In the framework of international, European and Arab conventions, and a human rights based approach, the 2009 Forum will pursue the following objectives:

  • Participation and contribution in developing common knowledge and raising awareness regarding migration (levels, forms, types, trends, determinants and consequences) and related policies.
  • To develop and formulate proposals highlighting and recognizing the benefits of migration for young people and development, curtailing its negative aspects.
  • To develop proposals to remove barriers to youth mobility within the Arab region and between Arab and European countries.
  • To develop approaches and projects on combating human trafficking networks and raising awareness of irregular migration.
  • To develop proposals for safeguarding dignity, human rights and humanitarian law of young migrants and asylum seekers.
  • To develop proposals for the prevention of discrimination against migrants and asylum seekers and guarantee equal opportunities for them and their children in the host societies.
  • To strengthen the participation and role of young people and youth organisations in migration and development and intercultural dialogue issues.
  • To further foster sustainable Euro-Arab youth cooperation projects.